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About Intelligence Pathways

We are a leading global provider of world class consulting and know-how in three different major areas - competitive intelligence, marketing research, and business intelligence.

With years of experience in the industry, we clearly know how to develop the best models and tools that specifically match your business needs. Unlike many other companies on the market, we do not simply offer you solutions with standardized tools. Instead, we consider your specific strategy, goals and needs and then we provide you with guidance, advice and the tools for the development of the right business metrics so we can make actionable recommendations that will directly reflect on your ROI.

Intelligence Pathways is the ONLY company that has a full competency model for all aspects of intelligence, backed by proven intelligence processes, training and a full scale job competency model for all levels required from high level strategic to downstream field sales intelligence. We offer the full spectrum of services or what we call end to end. We advise, design and build 6 major processes that are metric based, supply you with all the requirements related to people, process and tools.

If you do not have the sufficient human resources available then you can outsource your back office assignments to us in order to do complex primary research studies.

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